Review: VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive

Construction is primarily cedarwood and the separately-available auto flow honey frames are made with BPA-free plastics. Ends of the frames provide visibility of honey to determine if it is ready to be harvested. The supers can hold up to 7 auto flow frames each. The extraction process is simplified through the simple turning of the flow key to induce honey flow into your choice of container.


The price of these products ranges from about $$$ to about $$$ 


How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Popsport Beehive Wooden House with Auto Flow Honey
  • Mophorn Automatic Honey Flow Beehive
  • BestEquip Auto Flow Wooden Beehive

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No products found.

The Vevor Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive features dovetail joint construction in order to make it sturdy and durable. The hive box is separated from the super box by a queen excluder to restrict the brooding area from honey production. Access is easy and quick with minimal disturbance of your colony.

  • Cedar construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Good price
  • Autoflow frames must be purchased separately 

The Vevor Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive lists for about $$$ 

Structural Design

The construction is primarily of cedar wood with hive dimensions of 20″X16″X10.5″ and the super portion being 20″X16″X10.5″. There is a queen excluder between these two portions. There is plentiful ventilation and the peaked and sloped roof helps ensure the bees are protected from the elements and kept dry.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly is fairly quick and can be accomplished with little effort or frustration.


The wax-sealed cedar construction is resistant to pests and humidity and should give years of use.


Good pricing and solid quality bring this 4-star value to this VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive.

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Solid New Zealand pine wood construction assures bee safety and comfort. The dimensions are 20x16x10 inches and there is a queen excluder between the super and the hive. Plenty of ventilation and a peaked roof help round out the beautiful looks of this hive.

  • New Zealand pine wood construction
  • Quick, simple assembly
  • Easy to access for harvest

The Popsport Beehive Woodenhouse with Auto Flow Honey runs about $$$


Structural Design

This hive will protect your bees and give you quick, easy access to harvest the honey. The New Zealand pine wood is resistant to pests and humidity so it will not crack, thereby giving you many years of harvests.


Ease of Assembly

Relatively easy to put together and easy to maintain this hive is quick and simple to set up.



The pest resistant cedar and the box construction together with the roof ensure trouble-free operation.



Overall functionality, quality construction, and good materials get this Popsport Beehive a 4-star rating.

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No products found.

The waterproof exterior of this hive will help ensure dry bees and a lack of any other moisture problems in your colony. This means your bees spend more time focused on honey than temperature or humidity maintenance. The construction is primarily from pine wood lumber to reduce pest activity and increase the overall life of the product.

The hive is well ventilated and can accept additional super boxes on the top. Access to the hive is easy and use of the honey flow frames will keep you from unnecessarily disturbing your bees.

  • Durability and design should get a decade of use from this hive
  • Protects bees from moisture and weather
  • Easy assembly
  • Does not come with auto flow frames which must be purchased separately

The Mophorn Automatic Honey Flow Beehive can be found for about $$$


Structural Design

Pinewood construction ensures years of durability. It comes with two deep boxes and a super, along with a queen excluder, which gives you plenty of room in this setup. Plenty of ventilation at the top and designed to protect the bees from weather and rain.


Ease of Assembly

Unboxing to completion takes mere minutes. The process is not complex or cumbersome. 



Sturdy construction from cedar lumber means this apiary will keep you in the honey production for years to come by protecting your bees and staying together.



Solid performance in all categories gets this hive 3 out of 5 stars, but it is a bit more expensive than other hives, bringing a slight hit to its overall value.

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This beehive is very well built with construction from cedar lumber to reduce vulnerability from pests and rot. The cedar is also split-resistant and resistant to swelling and warping. Inspection and maintenance are easy and the design allows minimal disturbance of the bees. Use of the auto flow frames will cut down on the amount of labor and fuss necessary to complete a harvest.

The slat built roof directs the elements away to keep the bees safe and dry. The ventilation under roof helps aerate the hive and maintain the internal environment.

  • Good design to protect bees
  • Easy access to harvest honey
  • Durable construction
  • Large vent holes may allow predators in

The price of the BestEquip Auto Flow Wooden Beehive is around $$$


Structural Design

This stoutly constructed beehive will give many years of service. The roof will keep the bees dry while the ventilation will keep them cool. The hive can be accessed with minimal disturbance of the bees. There is a queen excluder between the hive and super and honey harvesting can be done with minimal effort and fuss.


Ease of Assembly

Users report minimal time spent putting this beehive together.



This well built, well constructed, and well put together apiary is designed for a decade of service and a decade of productivity.



The design, ease of assembly, and the decade of use you will get out of this hive lands it a great 4 out of 5 stars overall but takes a slight hit for being more expensive than some of the others.

We considered a number of different features when assessing the full capabilities of the Vevor Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive and how we scored it.


The cedar is not only beautiful but exceptionally functional in that cedar is pest resistant to insects and other vermin which could otherwise compromise the integrity of the lumber. Additionally, dovetail joints are used which accentuate its already good looks. The dimensions of the hive boxes and super boxes give your bees the room they need to be their most productive and the queen excluder between the super and the hive ensures no eggs or larvae end up in your honey.


The VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive provides you with everything your colony will need to survive and thrive. To complete the ensemble for what you will need as a honey farmer you should order autoflow frames since these are not included with the Vevor Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive. Each of the super boxes you add to your hive is capable of holding 7 autoflow frames.


Assembling the VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive is fast and easy, and putting the dovetail joints together is not only quick but provides for exceptional strength. Regrettably, instructions are not included, but it is super simple to figure out. In addition to the basic assembly, additional strength and rigidity can be added with a few extra screws. In order to avoid splitting or causing other damage, you should drill pilot holes if you choose to undertake such modifications.


The VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive pieces are already coated with a layer of wax to help resist the elements. This sealant is pre-applied to both the interior and exterior of the hive. In addition to the wax coating, the roof also works to keep the colony environment dry. The slats of the pitched roof make sure that water does not pool and runs immediately off the top of the hive. The slats of the roof lock into each other to ensure the bee domicile is well protected. Depending on your level of handyman expertise you can add a layer of plastic sheet metal underneath for additional protection from inclement weather.

Below the roof line along the peak are ventilation holes which are necessary to allow the bees to regulate the temperature of the hive by moving air throughout it. Ventilation, humidity, wind, rain, and other factors are why the use of cedar is important to mitigate any cracking or splintering that might be caused by other lumber types which are more prone to swelling and warping. The structural integrity of your hive should last for many years due to the care taken by Vevor in the manufacturing of this hive.


The hive has two side panels which allow for visual inspection without opening up the interior of the hive and disturbing the bees. One panel allows you to check on the activities of the colony, while the other allows you to determine how much honey has accumulated in the super box. The bee landing entrance has reducers to help keep out predators and pests. The base of the hive will accept external feeders or waterers should it be necessary.


Discussion of the VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive would be incomplete without mentioning the heart of the system, which is the autoflow frames. With autoflow frames installed in your hive, you will reduce the amount of labor and effort you expend during the harvesting of honey from the super boxes. In the past, you had to open the hive, brush off the excess bees, trim the caps off the honeycombs, spin them in a centrifuge, then replace them.


With autoflow frames installed in your VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive the process is greatly simplified, and as a bonus, the stress you put on your bees is significantly reduced because the operation is much less intrusive. All you have to do is open the access panel, remove the plug, and insert the harvesting tube into each frame. Once that is accomplished, simply turn the tool in the frame to open the honeycombs and all the honey drips into the channels through the harvesting tubes and into whatever size and type of jar or container you have chosen to collect your golden bounty.

For all of these reasons, the VEVOR Auto Flow Honey Wooden Beehive earns 4 out of 5 stars overall in this review.

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