Ultra Breeze Bee Suit Review 2022

If you are a beginner or professional beekeeper looking for a high-quality suit, it’s difficult to find one that meets your needs. We find the Ultra Breeze Bee Suit to be an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike. Here are some suits we have compared to the Ultra Breeze.

The Ultra Breeze bee suit is a well-ventilated bee suit that offers the wearer excellent protection from stings. The Ultra Breeze is comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The suit is also machine washable so there is no worry about the suit getting dirty.


The Ultra Breeze suit has three layers of protective and ventilated polyester and vinyl mesh to keep you cool and keep insects and stingers out of the suit. The Mesh Veil offers excellent protection from stings and good vision. The veil is well ventilated and designed to keep away from your face for protection. The Ultra Breeze suit has high-quality YKK double zippers and is made in America for exceptional quality.

The Ultra Breeze Bee Suit can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon for around $260.

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.


The Ultra Breeze is a comfortable polyester and vinyl material that is breathable and protective. It is machine washable to keep it clean and easy to remove and put on.

The Ultra Breeze suit has 3 layers of breathable mesh protection. It also features high-quality double zippers and American made quality. The veil has plenty of room and is designed to stay off of your face.

The Ultra Breeze suit has excellent ventilation. It is lightweight and has 3-layers of mesh that lets in plenty of air. The veil’s mesh front makes it easy to see through and breath.

Ultra Breeze covers the beekeeper’s suit for 30 days after purchase if It is unused.

  • Ventilated mesh design
  • Excellent protection
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Lacking warranty coverage
  • More expensive than competitors

beekeepbuzz-icon-6176814 NATURAL APIARY – Zephyros Protect – Ventilated Beekeeping Suit –…

  • never be stung again. Imagine what it would like to go to your hives knowing that you would never be stung again….
  • Protect Your Face from Stings and Flash Flames from your smoker with this Non-Flammable Veil Mesh – Severer injures…
  • SEE everything clearly with two clear visibility mesh veils – Great visibility is key to safety when inspecting…

The Zephyros by Natural Apiary comes in 5 different colors. The mesh from Natural Apiary is high tech and offers maximum cooling and protection in the Zephyros. The mesh is 3 layers, and each layer has a 4-5mm space to keep stingers out. The mesh has tiny holes that no stinging insect can fit through but provides optimal cooling. The Natural Apiary Zephyros provides protection from stinging insects by adding additional protection around the neck, high-quality zippers, stretchy material around the feet and hands, and thicker material where abrasions can damage the suit.

The Zephyros by Natural Apiary is made from comfortable cotton and polyester. The suit has extra protection around the neck to keep bees out and is stretchable around the hands and feet.

The Zephyros offers three layers of protection and has a non-flammable cotton hood. Between each layer, there is a 4 to 5mm gap to keep any sized stinger from reaching the inside of the suit.

The Zephyros provides cooling comfort with blended mesh fabric. The fine mesh veil is great for sight and ventilation.

Natural Apiary will exchange the suit for another size within 30 days of purchase and covers the manufacturer’s defects as long as you have the receipt.

  • High-tech 3 layer mesh
  • Polycotton material
  • Excellent full cotton veil
  • Priced higher than competitors

beekeepbuzz-icon-6176814 31obdtok2l-_sl160_-4692509 Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

  • Aerated beekeeper suit with self-supporting round veil, heavy duty brass zippers, durable polycotton-lined pockets, and…
  • Ultra-breathable 100% synthetic fabric (220 gsm) is aerated to keep you cool in hot weather conditions, while a…
  • Tailored fit with an elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles, plus thumb and foot holds to keep everything…

The Humble Bee 420 Aerated Suit features 7 pockets to hold all of your tools. Humble Bee takes care of your sun protection needs and stinging protection needs. The suit has a brim around the veil to protect you from sun exposure. The Humble Bee’s pockets are ballistic nylon to keep from tearing, elastic bands and thumb and foot-holds keep the suit in place, and the suit has a lightweight protective foam to reduce stinging. The Humble Bee’s mesh is made of synthetic material with 220 grams per square meter fabric weight for excellent protection and breathability.

The Humble Bee’s cooling mesh is a synthetic material to provide comfort and protection while maintaining ventilation. The veil will keep you from getting too hot in the sun with its wide brim.

The Humble Bee’s construction will keep any stinging insects from entering the suit. The foot and thumb-holds offer additional protection around the feet and hands and the elastic will keep the wearer safe in the suit. Humble Bee adds sun protection with a wide brim veil.

The veil of the Humble Bee has 360-degrees of mesh ventilation, and the suit is mesh for ventilation throughout.

Humble Bee covers the 420 Aerated Suit with a lifetime limited warranty. The suit must be purchased from an authorized distributor with proof of purchase.

  • 360-degree veil with a wide brim
  • Lightweight foam protection
  • Synthetic 220GSM material
  • Lacks additional protection around the neck
  • Lacks protection from abrasion


The Mann Lake economy suit is great for beginners and amateur beekeepers looking for an affordable suit to start out with. Mann Lake offers protection and comfort with heavy-duty zippers in the neck and ankles. The Mann Lake suit has 4 pockets located at the chest and hips of the suit

The Mann Lake economy suit is made of cotton and polyester to keep wearers comfortable and safe. The suit has plenty of room and elastic around the ankles and wrists.

The Mann Lake economy suit offers protection from stingers and insects entering the suit. It features thumb-holds to keep the suit in place and has additional protection on the back of the veil.

The Mann Lake economy suit does not offer much in ventilation. The veil has ventilation in the front and the suit is cotton and polyester to let air in.

The Mann Lake economy suit is guaranteed for 30 days after purchase.

  • Extremely affordable
  • 4-pocket design
  • Light polyester and cotton
  • Not a great deal of ventilation
  • May not suit an enthusiast or professional beekeeper
  • Lacks warranty coverage

We give the Ultra Breeze bee suit a 4 out of 5. We found the suit to be exceptionally ventilated and offered comfort and protection. The suit is easy to put on and remove, machine washable, and features high-quality double zippers. The suit would make a great choice for beginners and professional beekeepers.

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