Review: Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House

What’s better than honey? You’d be forgiven for answering “Not much.” A natural source of sugar, a powerful antibiotic, and potential cure for local allergies: honey is as much a source of medicine as it is a source of pleasure. And what a source of pleasure it is! Who among us hasn’t been caught like Pooh bear, paw in the jar of honey? Many people dream of owning their own apiary to produce their own bounty of honey so they don’t have to swipe it from others. That’s just what you can do with a Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House.

“Automatic, you say?” That’s right. This beehive house utilizes automated elements to reduce the amount of hands-on effort you have to apply to get honey from your beehive house. Maybe you’ve been fascinated with honey in the past, or even were just intrigued with the striped little insects that make it, but were too afraid of being stung to really indulge your budding interest? Well, the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House eliminates much of the hassle associated with raising bees and harvesting honey. If this sparks you interest, stick with us for this article. 

We’ll lay out exactly what is automated about the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House, how this automation can help you, and compare the Happybuy model to similar products out there on the market. We hope that this article will provide you with all the information you need to decide for yourself whether a rewarding path of automated beekeeping lies ahead of you! We’ll dive right in. But first, we need to ask…

Officially titled the “Happybuy Beehive Frames Wooden Beehive Box Automatic Honey Bee Hive House for Beginners and Pro Beekeepers,” Happybuy’s top of the line product is a largely pine wood box that houses a bee hive and helps to automatically collect its honey. The bees build their home in the walls of this beehive house, which encourages them to store honey in the seven frame automatic flow system built directly into the housing unit. The bees’ honey then flows down into the bottom spout of these frames and can be easily harvested.

This may seem fairly straightforward (and it is in terms of ease of use), but the ability to tap honey from a beehive without disturbing the bees is something of a modern miracle in beekeeping. In the past, to harvest honey from a beehive house the beekeeper had to “smoke the bees.”

The old way of smoking the bees usually meant the beekeeper had to suit up, head to toe, in specialized protective gear to avoid stings. (If you’re picturing a “beekeeper” as a person in a coverall complete with a facial mesh, you’ve got the right idea.) They would then spark a small fire inside of a bee smoker, a device sort of like a bellows that shoots out smoke instead of small puffs of air. The smoke from this device would then be blasted into the beehive.

Smoke has two primary effects on bees. First, it disturbs their sense of smell, which is essential for their danger detection skills. Second, the smoke triggers a survival response in the bees where they believe the hive is on fire and attempt to eat as much honey as possible. This gorging on honey makes the bees lethargic and sleepy (just as it would if a human gorged on that much golden deliciousness).

This allows the beekeeper to get into the hive and scrape out the honey with minimal interference from the bees. We say “minimal” because of course, they’re still suited up head to toe to avoid the bees that don’t quite get to so groggy that they gorge themselves into a nap.

Trust us, if you’re new to beekeeping, or if you’re tired of using these old techniques: don’t let the traditional methods scare you. Today, the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House exists, and you can use it to harvest honey without disturbing bees. 

The Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House is constructed primarily out of pine wood. It weighs about twenty six and a half pounds. Its nest box measures 20 x 16 x 10.2 inches, and the accompanying Following Box measures around 20 x 16 x 9.84 inches.

For those unfamiliar with the components of a beehive frame, the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House is composed of the following: 

  • Box cover
  • Box bottom
  • Following box (which contains an observation window)
  • Nest box
  • Shagai
  • Nest door

Happybuy utilizes a mechanical drying technique to treat their wood, meaning that each board of pine meets the international standard for moisture content (which happens to be 5%). These standards are in place to ensure that the beehive does not crack and that the product will not show signs of deformation early on its career.

Polish finishes the outside of the beehive, preventing moisture, dew, and especially rainwater from getting into the inner workings of the beehive house. The inside is also slightly polished, making it easier for the honey to climb the sides.



The Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House can be purchased for around $230 if purchased from Amazon. Some customers have been able to find the Automatic Honey Beehive House cheaper as a used or resold item, but only in extremely rare cases. Happybuy products are rarely returned due to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Compared to non-automatic beehive houses, the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House can be on the high end of prices. However, compared to automatic beehive houses, the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House occupies the mid-to-low end of the spectrum, also known as the category of product we like to call “a steal of a buy.” 

The construction of the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House can be a bit taxing, but once this baby is set up it’s nearly a set-it-and-forget-it type of product. Not that you’ll want to forget about the perpetual font of honey that you’ve got set up in the backyard. Once the bees have colonized the panels, your honey will begin to flow, and there’s little that’s easier than waiting for a jar of home-harvested honey to fill up.

It needs to be noted that the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House does not come assembled. This beehive house comes in disconnected panels with nails that are used to assemble them. Those who have build bee houses before will know why, but we can imagine this looking like a nuisance to those who have yet to really get their hands dirty with beekeeping. Although it is not a pre-fabricated device, the time it takes to put the device together is far from exorbitant. The assembly-required nature actually allows for a good degree of customization.

We found the quality of the pine to be top notch. The treatment methods that Happybuy utilizes create a handsome and durable wooden product. The color is great and it blends in with most backyard equipment, especially if your property has wooden features like fence posts or wooden play sets.

“Built to last” comes to mind when looking at an assembled Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House. The treated pine will last for quite a while thanks to its polish. As mentioned, very few of these beehives are ever returned, but if you did happen to find a used set of these panels from a friend: snap them up! These babies are good for the long haul.

  • Highly reasonable price range
  • Durable and handsome pine construction
  • Automatically harvests honey with seven panels
  • Well suited for both experts and newcomers in the beekeeping game
  • Not the cheapest bare-bones option
  • Assembly required

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People love pine; the freshness of the smell and the particular grain of the wood itself. But sometimes pine just won’t do. One of those times is when you need to use the natural qualities of cedar to kill certain types of bacteria. If the pine construction of the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House does not strike your fancy, you may be interested in the Goplus Beehive Frames Flow Honey Wooden Beehive House.

Like the Happybuy alternative, the Goplus model of beehive frame automatically collects honey from seven panels. However, unlike the Happybuy, the Goplus smells ever-so-slightly of the type of closet device used to repel moths. However, what smells like just cedar to us is actually an airborne chemical compound that kills certain types of bacteria when it comes into contact with them.

The Goplus Beehive Frames Flow Honey Wooden Beehive House scores similarly to the Happybuy. Both require assembly but then largely work automatically,

It certainly takes time, but nothing outside the realm of ordinary for the construction of beehive houses.

The cedar is lovely and well-sourced. We found it to have a kind of “German cuckoo clock” look once finished. The finger joints that are required to put the house together are sometimes not cut exactly as they should be.

More intricate parts mean more frequent opportunities for breakage. But overall, it is a durable product.

  • Slightly cheaper than the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House
  • Cedar kills bacteria
  • Cute “cuckoo clock” aesthetics
  • Can be difficult to assemble finger joints
  • More frequent opportunities for breakage than with Happybuy

Looking like a tall bee-barn, the Mophorn Beehive Frame uses three layers to extract honey automatically from a beehive. It is six feet in height and uses pine in its construction.

A gentle extraction process put this product on par with the Happybuy and similar items.

We found the assembly time to be especially quick with the Mophorn model.

The pine is of noticeably lower quality than that that used in the Happybuy alternative. Other features are fairly standard.

While we found this model largely serviceable, we did not expect it to last as long as slightly pricier models.

  • Among the cheapest items on this list
  • Quick and painless assembly
  • Gentle extraction process for collecting honey
  • Lower quality materials 
  • Low durability score

The Vevor can be thought of as the mothership of bees. A breeding ground for delicious honey, this thing is a solid option for automatic flow. It does offer a cedar construction that the Happybuy does not, but it also costs more. 

A bit less wieldy than the other options on this list, but ultimately nothing too much to complain about.

Assembly required. Took a bit longer to put together versus the other options.

We’ve listed the benefits of cedar before, but they are entirely present in this model. However, it is not as aesthetically attractive as some of the others.

We expect this model to stick around.

  • Large and capacious 
  • Cedar construction
  • More expensive than Happybuy
  • Not as attractive as other models

It should come as no surprise that if we had to pick a single beehive housing for our new apiary projects, we’d pick the Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House. Other beehives offer slight advantages over the Happybuy in using cedar, but ultimately we did not find cedar worth an increase in price. The Happybuy Automatic Honey Beehive House is ultimately a great starting place for beginners and a great next step for veterans.