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by Bee Keep Buzz Team | Apr 10, 2021 | Beekeeping, Caring for your Bees If you’re a beekeeper, then you may already know that varroa mites and others are a serious problem for bee colonies and the men and women who take care of them. Varroa mites, also known by their scientific name of … Read more

Beekeeping Information: When Is Bee Season

The activities of bees follow the seasons, and beekeepers must follow the bees. So the answer to the question “When is bee season?” is actually that it’s always bee season. Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year, but the fall and winter have their share of beekeeping tasks. Besides the seasons, the … Read more

The Best Honey Dipper For The Taste Buds

What could be a sweeter treat for the taste buds than natural honey? Though a lot of us realize the health benefits of honey, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of a honey dipper too. A honey dipper is a handy tool when you want perfection while drizzling golden honey over oatmeal or bread. If you … Read more