Best Langstroth Hive Plans To Keep Your Hive Healthy 2022

Langstroth hives are rectangular boxes that are stacked together and come with removable frames. The hive’s configuration is conveniently customizable. This allows the beekeeper to stack boxes with varying heights. This post will share more on Langstroth hive plans to help you identify the right pick for your bees.

Langstroth hive measurements come in three categories: deep, medium, and shallow. The widths are either 10 or 8-frames in size. Experts recommend starters use medium depth and 8-frame size boxes to ensure the weight is manageable and that the parts are interchangeable.

Shallow Langstroth hives are best used as an enclosed feeder and not to expand the hives. Langstroth hive plans are inexpensive and are an excellent option for beekeepers with large apiaries and several hives. Langstroth hive plans encourage honey production in large quantities due to the large box sizes. They come with many accessories, and several upgrade models are available.

We understand that many beekeepers would like to invest in Langstroth hive plans. One factor that holds them back is their lack of understanding how the Langstroth hive plans work. We took it upon ourselves to research the most frequently asked questions and came up with the following reliable answers.

Langstroth hive plans refer to hives stacked together. They have removable frames on which bees build their combs. The weights of the hives range from 30 to 100 pounds, requiring heavy lifting. Lorenzo Langstroth invented the Langstroth hives in 1800, and the most crucial part of the invention was the moveable frame.

The hive has a large entrance for the bees at the bottom board. The boxes contain vertical frames upon which bees make honeycombs. The structures are movable and allow for easy management of the bees, which was formerly impossible with other hives.

The frames also prevent bees from attaching the honeycombs to the walls of the hive. The lowest box is for the queen to lay eggs while the upper boxes form room where the bees store honey in their combs.

An inner cover and top cap act as weather guards for the hive.

When using Langstroth hives in beekeeping, you can expand them in one of two ways. You can choose to add boxes on top of the hive, or at the bottom. The former approach is known as supering, and the latter nadiring. Consider the weight of additional boxes when using either of the management approaches.

Materials used in constructing Langstroth hives are of top-quality. Lumber is obtained through environmentally conscious sources, plastics are BPA-free and other materials are selected with the health of bees in mind. They are also long-lasting, and Forest Stewardship Council certified. The manufacturers source the wood from strictly audited forests.

The types of wood used to build the hives include western red cedar, Douglas fir, and sugar pine. These are long-lasting, stable woods and provide the bees with excellent insulation as well. Langstroth hives also come with viewing windows, a peaked roof, and unique comb joints.

Langstroth hive plans are available locally from vendors in the beekeeping industry. Alternatively, you can order them from various online vendors like Amazon and eBay.

In reviewing Langstroth hive plans, we took into consideration features, advantages, price, where to buy, and warranties. We considered what makes each type of hive stand out as well as looking at the size and value for money. We also provide a link where you can learn more or get one for yourself.

Prices of Langstroth hive plans depends on various factors, including the place of purchase. Factors include the type of hive plan and its size. The size of Langstroth hive plans vary from medium to low-depth hives.

The type of frames also affects the prices because they differ in size and in the material used in their finish. The price range for Langstroth hives is anything from $$ to approximately $$$. Quite a spread though some features of the high-priced hives will not be present in the low priced ones.

  • Honey Keeper Complete
  • Legacy DIY Starter Kit
  • Flow Classic
  • BuildaBeehive Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Mann Lake HK160
  • BestEquip Auto Flow
  • Mann Lake HK110


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HoneyKeeper Complete Langstroth hive plan is a complete kit that you can quickly assemble without help. The features will help you create a healthy hive for a prosperous colony. HoneyKeeper Complete hive is a 20-frame hive, with ten deep and ten medium frame measurements. The deep super and medium-super frames create a solid foundation for your bees.

The bottom is solid and comes with an inner cover, entrance reducer, and a queen compartment. The pre-assembled, metal telescoping roof plays a significant role in keeping out the elements.  

  • Comes packed with all the components for assembly of a complete hive
  • Large, hence enough capacity for a large colony
  • Metallic roof to protect bees from environmental factors
  • Easy to assemble, following the guide included
  • Not too heavy or too big, thus easy to carry
  • Durable and watertight
  • Value for your money
  • Joints are tightly fixed to prevent crumbling
  • Comes with foundations

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The legacy DIY Starter Kit is set up with a deep 10-frame hive body. The legacy DIY starter kit is pre-assembled, meaning that when it gets to you, all you need to do is to order the bees. It comes with educational material in the package, including a DVD and printed manual.

  • Comes with a beginner’s manual and DVD that make it easy for you to start beekeeping
  • Made with the environment in mind to save both the bees and their food sources
  • The manufacturer’s team is always ready to offer world-class customer service


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Flow Classic hives allow you to harvest honey directly from the hive. They are made with sustainability in mind. This hive minimizes waste because it utilizes as much of each timber as possible in its construction. It gives you incredible features for its price.

The Flow Classic hive is part of Langstroth hive plans because it comes in two distinct sizes. Flow frames are functionally slightly different from standard frames, yet the 6-flow frames are compatible with the 8-frame Langstroth hives, while the 7-flow frames fit well with the 10-frame Langstroth hive plan. Flow Classic is a perfect hive for starters because it comes with complete flow frames, brood frames, and brood box. In the package also are eight standard Langstroth frames with comb guides. Other features are a screened bottom board, an inner cover, gabled roof and queen excluder.

When investing in the Flow Classic hive, you will also want to invest in the flow super box that gives you access to tubes and built-in keys. The design is what makes it conform to Langstroth hive plans.  

  • Made using two coats of timber sealant for complete protection from weather elements
  • Harvesting honey is very convenient because of the flow frame design
  • Comes with an observation window where you can peep to see if the honey is ready
  • Just by turning a key, you can have the honey collect into jars
  • Minimized disruption of bees when collecting honey
  • No need to open the boxes when collecting honey
  • Easy to maintain

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It’s a great advantage to have everything in one kit, and this is precisely what the BuildaBeehive Deluxe Starter Kit offers you. All that is missing are the bees. The BuildaBeehive Deluxe Starter Kit is made from quality materials, with everything pre-cut to make it easier for you to assemble.

The BuildaBeehive Starter Kit can easily be expanded later after you have assembled it. It comes in 8 and 10-frame sizes, giving you enough allowance to stack similar boxes if you so wish. This hive kit is comprised of grooved top bar frames, plastic based foundation, and telescoping metal cover. Other components included are a bee smoker to calm the bees, a protective bee veil and sting resistant gloves.

  • Includes a user manual for a simple assembly process
  • Complete kit that provides you with all you need for a complete hive
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • The components are of high-quality
  • Customer support is available on phone

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The Mann Lake HK160 is built to precision using custom equipment. The joints are interlocked in a manner that will last for many seasons. The Mann Lake HK160 comes unassembled in the 8 and 10-frame sizes.

It weighs about 37 pounds and is very easy to assemble. It comes with all the desired components a bee house should. The interior and exterior are designed to allow the bees to move in and out conveniently. The design also conveniently allows the beekeeper to inspect the interior and collect honey. The hive is made from pine that is of good quality and durable.

  • Made from good-quality pine for optimal sturdiness and durability
  • Top-quality plastic foundation
  • Comes assembled
  • Very pocket-friendly price
  • Ideal for starters and those wishing to scale up their ventures
  • Spacious interiors
  • The telescoping cover protects bees from direct sunlight

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The BestEquip Auto Flow measures 20x16x10 inches. It is made from high-quality pine that is strongly resistant to rot and deterioration. It comes with a clear end-frame that enables the user to monitor bees within and to see when the honey is ready.

This model is compatible with most Langstroth hive plans as you can shorten the frames for compatibility. The foundation is made from BPA-free, high-quality, food-grade plastic.

  • The hive is made from high-quality pine
  • Compatible with most hive models
  • Clear end-frame for viewing the interior
  • The frames make extraction of honey easy

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The Mann Lake HK110 hive design is an excellent choice for starters. Its design provides an ideal habitation for honey-making and propagation. Its features make it easy to access the hive whether the bees are inside or outside. The package comes with all the requirements to get started.

Mann Lake HK110 is a fabulous 10-frame size starter kit. It is fully assembled and comes with accessories like a pair of large gloves, a smoker, and bee veil so that you are fully prepared when your bees arrive. It has an ample interior space to accommodate various frames and a huge bee colony. The interior allows free air movement and keeps temperatures at the correct levels.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compatible with various other Langstroth hive plans
  • An incredible design that can withstand extreme conditions
  • Keeps predators away
  • Affordable

After reviewing these seven Langstroth hive plans, we concluded that the Flow Classic is the best. Its outstanding advantage is how easy it is to collect honey when you use this hive. There is no need to open the boxes and no need to filter. Simply turn a key and delicious honey flows from the hive.

Honey flows into the collection box without interference by the bees. The beekeeper does not need to come into contact with the bees. It might be a little pricey, but the benefits it offers are worth the price.

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