Beekeeping Starter Kit: The Best 8 Options To Start Your New Hobby

Are you looking to get into beekeeping? If so, then you’ll need a good a beekeeping starter kit to start your new hobby, which means you’ll also join the 200,000 beekeepers who enjoy a similar hobby. These are the beekeepers who maintain 25 or fewer beehives. They all probably began with just one starter kit. Perhaps you’ll use that hobby as a stepping stone to professional beekeeping, which happens once you own 300 hives or more.

Beekeeping as a hobby isn’t just enjoyable, but it’s also practical. The number of bee colonies reduced from 2.78 million to 2.67 million from 2016 to 2017. So, getting started on founding your apiary will help boost bee numbers. And this will help boost plant pollination in your area, increase bee numbers, and could even give you additional revenues from the sale of honey. What’s not to like about that?

A beekeeping starter kit refers to a set of supplies, equipment, and tools that you will require for beginning your beekeeping hobby. A significant number of kits do not include bees, which may have to come separately. But most of them include everything else you’ll need to house those bees. If one of these things is missing, you may not be able to comfortably embark on this hobby because you may lack something that the bees need to reproduce and make honey. You may also end up lacking something required for the honey harvesting process.

Beekeeping starter kits come either already assembled or unassembled. The latter version, however, will usually include most of the essential items that you require to create the hive. The kits may also include a set of instructions to guide you on how to put everything together. Others include helpful books on beekeeping. Different companies assemble varying components depending on what they think is a priority for beekeepers with different levels of experience.

Beekeeping starter kits will, therefore, vary regarding components included. Also, the design, materials used, cost of purchase, and the level of the assembly will differ too. But there are several choices online and offline for all kinds of beekeeping hobbyists.

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So, what should you look for when considering a beekeeping starter kit? Well, the kinds of components matter, especially if you are a beginner. You need to find something that has all the essential items you need to get started quickly. You also need to find something with a level of assembly suits your capabilities. If you are not handy with tools, get something close to your level of comfort. The design and affordability of the beekeeping starter kits also matter. And so do the materials used.

The price of a beekeeping starter kit will depend on the components included within that kit. Some kits are under $200. Others, which are inclusive of a hive, protective clothing, and honey harvesting tools, will cost about $800 or so. There are several beekeeping starter kits well within this range. And that means you can find kits to suit high- or low-end budgets as well as any mid-range budget. However, there are times you may have to combine two sets of products to get a complete starter kit.

To select the best beekeeping starter kits for your consideration, we used several criteria. These include the components included in the kits and their functionality, the design of kit components, and the price of the products. We also kept in mind customer ratings and reviews.

The following products are our choices of the best beekeeping starter kits that you could use for your hobby. We found products that would suit a wide array of budgets, design tastes, and beekeeping needs.

The Mann Lake beekeeping starte​​r kit is made in the USA and comes completely assembled in readiness for bees. It is one of Amazon’s choice products. The kit includes one painted 10-frame assembled hive body of 9.625 inches and 10 9.125-inch wood frames with yellow wax RiteCell foundation. There is also a painted bottom board with entrance reducer and a painted telescoping cover with an inner cover.

Other components within the starter kit include an Alexander veil for facial protection and one large pair of economy gloves to protect your hands. Also, there is a smoker with a guard and one hive tool. The Starting Right with Bees book is also within the kit.

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This beekeeping start​​er kit from Little Giant Farm & Ag is worth checking out. It includes everything you need. For starters, there is a 10-frame Langstroth hive with frames and foundations already installed. The frames are deep, and the wax-coated foundations are black for easy egg spotting.

Also included within the kit are medium sized gloves, a veil, and a frame feeder. There is also a hive tool, smoker fuel, and a bee brush. The materials used are of high quality and thus durable.

This particular gold standard starter​​ kit has all the beekeeping supplies you need to get started excluding the bees. The kit includes a 10-frame beehive. The hive has two deep-depth 10-frame Langstroth hive supers and a medium depth 10-frame Langstroth super. The hive also comes with two deep brood boxes with frames and plasticell foundation. Other things that come as part of the hive package include a bottom board, one top cover with inner cover, a plastic queen excluder, and a Boardman entrance feeder.

The beekeeping starter kit has additional beekeeping supplies that you will need to embark on your beekeeping hobby. They include a hive tool, ventilated leather gloves, and an Alexander-style veil. Also included are a bee brush, smoker and fuel, and the book First Lessons in Beekeeping. The makers BuildaHive offer a replacement warranty and a money-back guarantee.

The Harvest Lane beekeeper kit is for beginner hobbyists. It consists of a basic beehive, which has one brood box, 10 frames, and a foundation. The hive also consists of a bottom board, one flat top, and an inner cover. The cover is to keep out the elements. The wood is solid and of high quality, thus making it durable. The hive also comes assembled.

Besides, the beekeeping starter kit comes with tools and supplies for honey harvesting and bee handling. These include smoker and pellets, a hive tool, and a bee brush. The smoker calms the bees before honey harvesting.

This hive kit comes unassembled and is an excellent option for beginner and pro beekeepers alike that are looking to set up their hives. This hive consists of one 10-frame 6.625-inch super and 10 6.125-inch grooved top bar frames. There are also 10 plastic-based foundation sheets, a bottom board, one telescoping metal cover, and an inner cover. Also included are a reversible entrance reducer and an entrance feeder.

In addition to the beehive, this beekeeping starter kit comes with one set of sting-resistant gloves, a protective veil, and one bee smoker. The starter set also includes one pound of smoker fuel, a hive tool, the book First Lessons in Beekeeping, and an instruction manual. This product has a replacement warranty and a money-back guarantee.

The SummerHawk Ranch starter kit has some innovative design features. The main structure of the beehive is sustainably-sourced Canadian hemlock. Also incorporated within this innovative beehive starter system is a Deep Jar Super with six one-pint and six one-quart mason jars, complete with lids and a quick-check viewing window. Plus, a quick-check super with eight high-visibility quick-check frames with pre-waxed plastic honeycomb foundation come with this hive. The honey is harvested within the mason jars, thus cutting down on the amount of work required for harvesting

Other design features include a stainless steel queen excluder, a ventilated inner cover, and two ventilated jar screens. The starter kit also comes with a pair of protective gloves, a veil, and liquid smoke to calm the bees.

This beekeeping star​​ter kit by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm consists of an eight-frame beehive. It includes an English garden A-frame pure copper top and an inner cover. It also comes with two cypress medium supers and 16 assembled black superframes, which consist of wooden frames with black plastic foundations. There is also an entrance reducer and a cypress entrance feeder.

Other beekeeping kit components include a one-quart jar, a hatless veil, goatskin gloves, a smoker with fuel, and a bee brush. Also incorporated within this kit is a standard 10-inch hive tool, plus a beginner’s DVD and book for beginner beekeepers titled The Backyard Beekeeper.

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This hive kit is great for beginners and pro beekeepers alike. It consists of an eight-frame garden beehive. The hive has two 6.625-inch eight-frame medium hive supers with all the frames and plasticell foundations needed. It also has one solid bottom board and a cedar hive stand. Also incorporated within this hive starter kit are a copper garden top cover and an inner cover.

Other kit components include a stainless steel smoker to calm down the bees, canvas gloves, and a hive tool. Also, it comes with a bee veil for sting protection, fuel, and a book titled First Lessons in Bookkeeping.

Beekeeping is an exciting hobby to have. But it does require a certain set of equipment, tools, and supplies for you to get started. The beekeeping starter kit that you get will largely depend on how handy you feel you are, whether the design of the kit components suits your tastes, and what you need as the bare minimum essentials. The amount of money you would like to spend to get started matters, too.

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Absolute beginners who do not want to do anything requiring tools, which makes the Mann Lake basic beekeeping starter kit the best value for money. For those looking for innovative designs, the Complete Backyard Beekeeping Honey Mason Jar Beehive Kit is an excellent choice. Where the budget is tight, then the Little Giant Farm & Ag HIVE10KIT Frame Beginner Hive Kit offers you the chance to get started and build your apiary from there.