Best Bee Hive Stand to Start Your Beekeeping Hobby

So you’ve decided to getsome money from your honey by taking up beekeeping. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, when managed properly this activity can stand to benefit you for years—that is, only if you have the best bee hive stand. The importance of a good bee hive stand cannot be understated. It literally supports the home of your precious honey workers. The stand must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the boxes and stable to resist shakes and bumps.

Of course, you can always put on your DIY cap and construct your own bee hive stand. But there are brands in the market that sell pre-made stands which you can readily buy online or in physical stores. So we listed the best bee hive stands on the market to help your purchase decision.

Product FAQ

Before we go to our list of bee hive stands, we answered some questions you might have for this specific product.

1. What Is A Bee Hive Stand?

A bee hive stand is what it says on the label: a framework to hold and support your precious bee hives. It is often made of wood, plastic, or metal and constructed like a box with a flat base on which to keep the bee hive a few inches above the ground.


2. What Does A Bee Hive Stand Do?

A bee hive stand serves many functions.

Protection From The Elements

A bee hive stand puts your bee home above the ground, so your bees can stay safe and dry. Even if the ground is soaking wet after a rain, no water will seep in. A wet home is not comfortable to live in, so your bee hive stand makes sure your bees stay above water. A stand is typically heavy so it will not be easily blown away by the wind.

Protection From Other Animals

Keeping your bee hives above ground will keep them away from invasive critters like ants, termites, and rodents. Other animals like foxes or dogs cannot topple the bee hives easily while small predators won’t reach your precious bees.

Better Maintenance

Contrary to misconceptions, beekeeping is a very busy and physical activity. Maintaining the bees will require you to move and lift things, so having the hives at a higher level will reduce stooping, crouching, and kneeling. It is also easier to do cleaning or honey gathering when standing.

Speaking of maintenance, your bees will benefit from better airflow if the hives are kept above ground. Better airflow means your hives are dry, well-ventilated and temperature-regulated. And this means happier bees!

3. What Are Bee Hive Stands Made Of?

Sturdiness and durability are important in every bee hive stand. Most stands are made of environmentally friendly natural materials like wood. But these wooden stands should be coated with wax or oil to prevent wood rot, molds and insect damage. Other stands use included recycled materials (heavy-duty plastic) or light metal materials.

4. Where Can You Buy A Bee Hive Stand?

Specialty stores sell pre-made bee hive stands, which you can buy in their physical stores or online.

How We Reviewed

The bee hive stands on our list were chosen based on the following parameters: features, pros and cons, price, material, and durability. We picked the best bang-for-the-buck stands that will not sting your budget.

Overall Price Range Of This Product (And Similar Products)

The items on our list are affordable and worth your investment. Prices range from $17 to $80.

What We Reviewed

Here are our highly recommended bee hive stands:

  • Toughtimbers 10-frame Beekeeping Hive Stand
  • Bee Smart Designs Ultimate Hive Stand
  • Foxhound Bee Company Cypress Hive Stand
  • Mann Lake HD-709 Adjustable Hive Stand
  • SummerHawk Ranch 35009 Hive Stand
  • Harvest Lane Honey Plastic Bee Hive Stand


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It doesn’t take a doctor’s degree to piece together a bee hive stand. Toughtimber’s 10-frame stand is tough but easy on the assembly.

Made entirely of tough but light pine wood from sustainable sources, Toughtimber’s is ideal for those who want to keep their hives grounded. Because it is closer to the ground, it is more stable. Measuring 16 x 1 x 20 inches, this 4-piece set is delivered disassembled but comes with how-to instructions. Holes are pre-drilled so all you need to do is attach the parts. It weighs only 5 pounds so transferring it will be easy. This stand is ideal for 10-frame bee hives, but can also be used for 8-frame ones.

  • Low height allows easy entry for bees
  • Ideal for big yards
  • Easy assembly
  • Light and portable
  • Low but stable base support
  • Assembly needed
  • Too low especially in urban areas
  • Low height makes it prone to bumps

This stand can fetch up to twenty five dollars from Amazon.


Pinewood is known to be a durable material so the stand will not break easily. For better durability, coat the wood with wax or oil.

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Bees are naturally resilient creatures. They can adapt easily to their environments. But it doesn’t mean you cannot help make their lives a bit easier. If you live in an area exposed to the elements, you can keep your bees safe and sound by keeping their hives high up the ground.

For this, you will need a stand like the Bee Smart Designs Ultimate Hive Stand. Standing 12 inches off the ground, this stand will ensure your little workers won’t be washed away by a sudden surge or buried by heavy snowfall. A higher hive also means better ventilation for your flying workers.

Featuring intuitive A-frame legs, this stand can support even the heaviest 10-frame and 8-frame hives. The base also has metal rails on any bottom board for added security and support. It also has built-in drains to keep your hives dry. As for assembly, it takes only two minutes and a screwdriver to assemble everything. Frame holders can swing out to access the hive bodies. The best part is this stand is made of high-quality polymer sourced from 100% recycled plastics so you are guaranteed an earth-friendly product.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of 100% recycled products
  • Built-in drains
  • High elevation ensures protection from other animals
  • Fits any bottom board
  • Sturdy plastic material won’t rust, rot, or get worn out by termites
  • Some assembly required
  • Takes up more vertical space
  • A bit expensive than others

A piece costs around eighty eight dollars in Amazon.


The high-quality polymer plastic ensures a strong support without sacrificing weight and portability.

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If you prefer a bee hive stand made of metal, then the Mann Lake HD-adjustable hive stand is for you.

Made of high-quality steel, this square bed frame stand can support the heaviest of bee hives. It stands 6.5 inches high so your hives are safe from unwelcome visitors like ants, termites, and rodents but without sacrificing ventilation and ease of access. The side rails can accommodate both 8-frame and 10-frame hives.

The steel frames require a little assembly so you will need to put on your DIY cap to screw the parts together. The best design element is the circular feet so your hive won’t sink into the ground. The plate-feet also allows for the application of anti-pest chemicals.

  • Steel material is super strong
  • Can support the heaviest bee hives
  • Stable board support
  • Stable feet and frame design
  • Can be easily disassembled for storage or transfer
  • ZInc coating helps prevent corrosion
  • Circular feet won’t sink into the soil
  • Relatively heavy
  • Relatively low height
  • Steel can rust when not taken care of properly
  • Assembly required

You can own a piece of this unit for about sixty dollars.


Steel is stronger, more durable, and more resilient than wood or plastic, but it requires maintenance to prevent rusting.

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Plastic is a flexible, lightweight, and sturdy material that doesn’t rot or corrode. So if your choice of material is plastic, then get the Harvest Lane hive stand.

Measuring 20 x 20 x 12 inches, this hive stand is light but strong enough to support your 8-frame and 10-frame hives. It requires some assembly, but all you need to do is slide the pieces together to complete it (no tools necessary). The metal parts allow for compatibility with different board bottoms and hive sizes. The metal also adds strength and weight distribution.

  • Heavy-duty plastic does not rot, rust, or get eaten by insects
  • Lightweight and strong material
  • A-frame design ensures excellent support
  • Adjustable metal rails can fit any hive size
  • 12 inches of height is good for insect repelling
  • Relatively tall height allows easy access
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Relatively expensive
  • Plastic can become brittle and fire-prone
  • Relatively more expensive
  • Some assembly required
  • Narrow feet

You can own a unit for around sixty bucks.


The combination of plastic and metal materials guarantees stability, protection, strength, versatility, and weather-resistance without sacrificing weight and portability. Just make sure to keep it away from fire or corrosive chemicals.

The Verdict

We chose the bee hives on our list because of their excellent build quality, function, and design. The key differences lie in the material used.

If you prefer plastic, you can get the Harvest Lane Honey Plastic or the Bee Smart Designs bee hive stands. Plastic requires little maintenance and is lightweight and weather-resistance. If you want more stability and strength, go for metal frames like the Mann Lake HD-709 or the SummerHawk Ranch 35009. Just make sure to check the frames for any corrosion or rust. Finally, for traditionalists who like their bee hive stands natural, get the Toughtimbers (pine wood) or the Foxhound Bee Company (cypress). Wood gives that natural feeling that bees like; just don’t forget to check for wood rot every now and then.

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