Hello! I am Devon Blake, and I’m the chief editor here at Bee Keep Buzz. 

At Bee Keep Buzz, we’re committed to reminding the world of how important bees are and why it’s vital we increase their dwindling numbers. Beekeepbuzz.com has all the information you need to get started as a beekeeper and to help these amazing creatures survive.

Our Story at BeekeepBuzz.com

The team at BeekeepBuzz.com has collected everything you need to know about beekeeping and we’ve carefully laid it out in this site. Within our pages, you’ll find information about the tools and supplies you need to get started, including where to get your bees.

We live and breathe everything about bees, so we’ve taken a lot of pride in developing this site for you and sharing our knowledge. You’ll learn about the bee’s natural environment and their activities, as well as all about the honey they produce.

BeekeepBuzz.com’s Promise to You

Our goal is to be the foremost authority on bees, beekeeping, and honey bee facts. Now that you’ve found us, spend some time looking through our pages.

We suggest you start by reading Starting Out as a Beekeeper. That’s where we explain what would happen if there were no bees. After that, you should check out the Safety and Bylaws page of keeping bees. We’ve also put some information in there about what protective gear you’ll need.

When you move onto Acquiring Bees, you’ll learn about the nucleus hive, buying a package of bees, and about capturing the hive.

Types of Hives runs through the different kinds of hives you can have and how to care for them. Of course, you’ll need to know which Hive Tools to use, as well as the Honey Harvesting Equipment you’ll be using later.

Valuable Information Keeps Coming

If it seems like we’re giving you a lot of information, that’s because we want you to know as much as you possibly can about your new beekeeping venture. Our Feeders page will teach you about round hive top feeders, and the Hive Box Maintenance page will ensure you know all about tuning oil.

Caring for Your Bees gives you some information about hive placement that you may not have thought about. The Colony Collapse Disorder includes some valuable information about this phenomenon.

The Queen Bee Roles page describes the mating and egg-laying process, as well as the life cycle of the queen bee. You can learn more about her on the Honey Bee Facts page as well as the roles of the workers and drones.

We’ve added another page just for Honey Facts, which discusses the medicinal effects of honey and the different forms and colors of this delicious product. The Helping Bees page expands on this to help you reduce pesticides and plant bee-friendly flowers.

Other Sources of Beekeeping Information

We thought a page about Beekeeping Groups would be helpful and the American Beekeeping Federation will also be a huge source of information for you.

We know you’re going to love beekeeping as much as we do, and the knowledge that you’re making a positive difference in the world is just the icing on the cake.